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High Fidelity
the reproduction of an effect that is very faithful to the original
oh bon iver. you spark things in me... 
08 02 11

i've had my share of personal tragedies.
i've reached the core of my catharsis--in the middle of the night, with no sound.

i like to think my heart is made of jello.
i also learned, sometimes, it is made of stone.

sometimes i like to burst into dance,
sometimes i just want to cuddle in bed and never be disturbed.
sometimes i like to be the center of attention,
sometimes, i feel the need to deactivate my facebook account.

wish i could explain why i am, how i am.
but i am a jumbled ball of emotions.
and sometimes i do not like to be untangled.

it's nice to be complex. i like it.
but maybe you do not like complex.

it should be simple, you said.
yes is yes, and no is no.

but no, i don't believe so.
there are lots of grays in between. nothing is as simple as it seems.
or maybe everything is, but i do not want them to be.
i am complex. i like it that way.
thank you, come again!