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High Fidelity
the reproduction of an effect that is very faithful to the original
Reading back on all the entries I wrote here gives me a weird… 
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Reading back on all the entries I wrote here gives me a weird feeling.

It's a mix of enthusiasm and disgust. Sometimes shame too.
Like an "oh god, did I really write like that? Did I really write that much?" revelation.

I don't know why it was such a big part of my life before,
but with the amount of things that have been happening in my life, the limitations of electronic blogging, began to arise.

Too many things too share that cannot be shared.
Or perhaps, a need to differentiate myself from who I was before.

Maybe cause I actually do write now, sometimes, every week, to a mass audience.
Cause I have a byline, and I'm responsible for that now.

I have become more conscious about a public me.
Because I meet so many people every now and then, and I don't want them to google my name and find this.

I want them to google my name and find this: http://kasmira-simone.tumblr.com/
It's public me. Which means I try harder, by doing less.
I try harder to be cool, by being uncool.

I'm growing up and apart and I feel it.
Because reading my past entries, gives me the same feeling as when I look through my old diaries when I was 13.

It's awkward, it's sad.
I'm growing up.

I don't get the urge to blog now about my life and goals and dreams like I used to.
I'm shy.
01 02 12 (UTC)
Ah! my sentiments exactly! I feel the need to have a public me (hence, the decision to move out of lj) but at the same time, I need my private me where in my head I can freely think im cool and not be burdened by actually growing up and being grown up.

Here's me staring into a blank page on lj and trying to find something to write about...
So, where to now?
thank you, come again!